Saturday, November 12, 2011

Third treatment.

Good morning all.  Yesterday was my third chemo treatment. Mike waited until my ziploc of liquid benedryl had been administered to start a scrabble game (thank you Jenny). He beat me sooo bad! I did not get my bone scan results, hopefully next Friday. I have learned not to call because my doctor does not like to consult over the phone. My chemo went well and only took about 1 1/2 hours. There was one familiar face in the crowd that I remembered from the week before. There are way too many people getting chemo. Cancer does not discriminate. It does not care if you are alone or if you have someone to share the journey. I am blessed, I have my bestest friend by my side at all times. And I have so many people praying and loving me so strongly that we can allow humor back into our repertoire.  Today is the big wedding, Clay is marrying Taelyr! I was prepared to wear a hat or scarf but I still have all of my hair!  Now I have to figure out what to do with it.  Yes, Debbie, my outfit will include pantyhose and thank you for the offer but don't think I will need to hire a crew to help get me in them. I know some of you may be wondering if, when you see me in public will you recognize me because of the way cancer/chemo ravages the body. Yes!! I bet I am the only one who gains four pounds the first week following chemo. In my defense, all research says to try not to lose weight AND in Duckville we only had one trick or treater!!  I love all of you so very much. Thank you for your love and prayers!
Also, 35 years ago today Mike and I were blessed with 10-pound baby boy. He was and is such a blessing! Happy birthday, Son. We love you very much.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Should have taken the dog!!

I have been dragging my feet when it comes to this update.  I tried a couple of times during the week to get the results of my PET scan, but the doctor deliberately waited until he had us captive in his office.
First of all, my Ki67 score is 35. This is a way to rate the aggression level of cancer. A high score is 24, so I am off the charts. Just like my IQ scores! lol After some home research, we decided that with this high score our doctors made the right decision to begin chemo instead of delaying it with surgery. Also cancer cells considered aggressive also aggressively absorb the very medicine that will kill these bad boy cells. So, frightening at first, the aggressiveness is actually a positive in this, our new lives.  Doc also said that I have the very best cancer possible because it is positive for estrogen receptors. This will be a huge factor in treatment, in curing and in preventing a return. AMEN!! The PET scan lit up on some areas that we had not considered and this was a real shock. Dr. Sehgal said the mass in the left breast lit up as well as the lymph nodes on the the left side. We had expected this so that was no surprise.Some of the lymph nodes under the lungs lit up but the doctor said that it could be inflamation.  My lungs, liver and other organs are clear. There is an area on my spine that showed some activity but it could be caused by the arthritis or the charco that I have been dealing with for some time.
Today I had a bone scan and we are praying that our concerns about the spread of the cancer be alleviated with this test. We have so many of you praying for us I am already thanking God for good results. 
This nightmare unfolded so quickly that we have to stop and force ourselves to catch our breath. No one is guaranteed tomorrow so we have quickly learned to do what we need to do and just live and breathe in the moment. Mike and I are dealing with our cancer with prayer, affection, humor, and at times just hanging on to one another.  We have a huge family and a family of friends who love us and who are praying for us. We not only know this but we can feel the love and prayers.
Thank you and know that we love all of you so very much.