Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back Up-and-Running

We finally got a computer and can update our blog again.  We are using the tethering option on an iPhone and it works nicely! It was not difficult to set-up, there was one part of the instructions left out.  iTunes must be loaded on the computer to be able to tether.  But since the tether was to be our internet connection, how could we download iTunes?  Problem solved; we went to the local Starbucks and sipped "Chai Tea Lattes" while downloading on their free wi-fi.  Are we "Big City" or what!  I don't know what a "Chai Tea Latte" is, but it was a cold evening and it tasted pretty good.  If this sounds sissy, then nevermind, we had was a strong cup of joe, with nails in it for flavor.

 We are in Texas City, Texas where, since our retirement from Celanese, our new job has brought us.  It is not so far away that we feel isolated from the family.  Jenny and Keith and nephew #1, are just an hour away. Number 5, Jerm and Amiee, about 2 hours and about 4 hours home to everyone else.

Here are some pictures from our apartment.

  A view out the front door.

Our door is in front of the light pole.

We feel that we are on an extended vacation and have been exploring our area when we can.  We get advise on eating places from the guys at work, or as Beth calls them "My Peeps".  All their recommendations have been really good and I think that if we ate at a different restaurant every night, we would never repeat for several years.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Number 3's Birthday Bash

We gathered Sunday to celebrate Three's second birthday!
One and Two helped celebrate along with us taller party goers.
Number Four stayed in the safety of her high chair.

Dad is lighting candles for an anxious Three while One and Two ready themselves to help.
Blow and spray- out go the candles!

So much cake so little mouth for Three.

Three has a nose for icing, a really cute nose.

One shows off her frosted lip color.

Three holds a birthday present while Two is ready to share.

As Two speeds along, One hangs on tight trying not to collect
bugs in her teeth.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Grandchild number Three!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Swim Resort II

The swim resort was open again!  This time we had all five visiting so I will count them down!

Start with Number 1...




and 5!

We are just in awe of God's blessings when we gather our family together!  It is amazing to us how He grows us by bringing together people through the combining of lives.  Our children bring spouses into the group and their families become part of the blessings.  Then grandchildren are added when you think it cannot hold anymore blessings.  Truly, Our cup runneth-over....
Nothing could bring this to mind more than when Sis got married this weekend and we met my new Brother-in-law's family, the newest additions to our family.  We also got to see nieces, nephews and cousins that we haven't seen in a while. While holding #1 in the middle of a large group, I told her that these people were her cousins and family. She was speechless.
I will post some pictures of the wedding, but I think that the newlyweds should get to see the pictures first.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Cats" by Skylar

Our young photographer niece took advantage of a family outing to photograph one of her favorite subjects ... cats!  Here is a compilation of her project.  Thanks to Jenny, for showing me how to create a slideshow to insert in a post.

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th at the Aquarium

We went to the Texas State Aquarium for the 4th of July fireworks display.  It's a front row seat as the fireworks are launched from the deck of the Lexington. This year all the kids and grandkids were able to go.  It is quite a spectacle, lots of people, but as usual the McQueens made everything easy with their planning and saving enough space for all of us.  A great time was had by all!

Panorama of our group.  Stitched together photos.

Cheese puffs for everyone!

Cousins sharin' some Dippin Dots

Blankets on the grass.

A little pre-show football

The excitement builds!

Friday, July 2, 2010

First Birthday for #5

#5 had his Birthday party Saturday.  Can't believe it has been a year already.  He is walking and is very independant about where he wants to go, wanting no help or guidance in his path.  Pretty soon he'll be running with the herd of cousins.  Here are some photos from the party.  Cousin Kaylee's slide show is also included.

#5 kneaded a piece of cake

My meme!

Have some Dad!

The family

Nice party

Kingsville cousin

Cousin from Houston.

We have not figured out the taxonomy for cousins but are working on it.  We don't like to put names on the blog, unless of course, they are experienced bloggers like Kaylee.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Father's Day at G & B

We suprised Booger and Grannny on Father's day by moving the "resort" to their yard.  There were strong bonds formed between cousins when G&B had a pool in their yard.  We are hoping for the same closeness in this generation of cousins as the last.  G&B's pool is long gone, but the memories last forever.  Even though the "resort" is smaller than the old pool, right now the cousins are also, but the fun is still big.

Boog in the lifeguard chair.

Pool to pool action!

Chillin' out!

Miss shy..

Running water is very entertaining

Hop on


#1 Doing her Bugs Bunny (she ate two right out of the garden)

Meme points out #1's earring.

Monday, June 21, 2010


We went to Woodboro saturday to celebrate Father's day and Meme's birthday with her family.  Pawpaw is staying there for a few days to recuperate from his hospital stay.  All the kids and grandkids were able to attend.  Beth's sister Mary and husband Kenneth have a really nice place just outside of town and they hosted a fish fry. Many of Kenneth's family also attended . Let me tell you ... they could write a cookbook!.  Beth's brother Bill and his granddaughter Skylar were there also.  Skylar likes to take pictures so some of the images posted here are her's.  She is a good photographer. 

 Of course, it is summer and what is a summer day without swimming! The pools came out and were popular with the grandkids and some of the animals.

Pawpaw watching the spectacle.

#2 a budding Marine Biologist with hiscollection of whales and sharks.

#1 Her beautiful brown eyes and hair remind me of Meme

#4 She can't help it, the sweetness just overflows and melts Pappy's heart.

#3 Close encounter with local wildlife ended in dog kisses!

#5 His smile takes over his whole face.

All five together for summer fun!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Opening Day at the "Resort"

We got the pools out for the first time this summer and had a pool party. The area in our backyard has been dubbed "The Resort" when we set up the pools. We have two pools, one shallow and one deep, in which the herd moves back and forth, causing quite a commotion but with a lot of fun. The only one missing was #5, hopefully he will be able to join the herd before the summer is out. Here are some pictures from the opening day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last Summer

As the water temp is warming nicely, it's time to start thinking about the beach. Here are
some photos from last year's trips.

 The shady spot

 Getting gull food from mom.

#4's  personal ocean

#2 Showing his style as he gets 10!

Playing with Dad

Jeremy, backside turn

Pappy (Moondoggie) crusin' on the kneehighs