Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years

We got to spend New Years with Pawpaw. It is relaxing at the Welfels "Red Roof Inn".  We spent the evening awaiting the event by watching TV and made it all the way to midnight. 

You can't start the New Year without black-eyed peas and Pawpaw was in charge of them.  They turned out quite tasty.

Happy New Years to everyone and Gods blessings on all.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

This Christmas season started off with a big parade in Kingsville.  How can you have a parade without our grandchildren?

Some of the McQueens were on a Church float. I think #2 was tired of waving.

However, #1 perfected her parade wave on the float from the Vet's office. The whole family joined in.

We didn't have our tree up yet, so we enlisted some help from #1 and #3. 

There was a favorite spot on the tree that seem to collect most of the ornaments.  We had hot chocolate and cookies.  Our shy #4 did not want to help but kept an eye on the festivities.

This year's Coleman Christmas was celebrated at Ross & Cindy's house.  As usual it was great seeing the family.  Anytime we get together, we realize how blessed we are.

All five together.

The group.  Some were missing this year, but are always in our thoughts.