Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Dory!

We said goodbye to Beth's VW. She was a little sad to see her go because she had wanted a sky blue Beetle convertible since she was in high school but her dad wouldn’t let her have a “rolling death trap.”  Since they moved the engine to the front of  the car, it is much safer than the original Bug. We found the car she had always wanted.

 It was named Dory by the grandkids after the blue fish in “Finding Nemo” and was the source of many fun times. We caravanned with Karen and Stephen (Yellow Beetle Convertible) in the hill country and to the Kerrville Folk Festival . None of us tired of seeing kids, as well as adults, punch each other in the arm, as they yelled “slug bug!” Every ride with the top down and two grandkids in the backseat made a parade float and, of course, required the parade-style wave for anyone we passed. 

It was buried under several feet of snow when I had my surgery in Fort Worth and even when Beth was in a wheelchair, there always seemed to be enough room for what we needed. But our family is growing by leaps and bounds and that’s the problem with becoming more mature, nostalgia gives way to contented practicality.

So bye Dory and hello ???.  We don't have a name yet for Beth's silver Ford Escape but we're sure that one will be found when we load up the grandkids.

Our cup always overflows.