Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back Up-and-Running

We finally got a computer and can update our blog again.  We are using the tethering option on an iPhone and it works nicely! It was not difficult to set-up, there was one part of the instructions left out.  iTunes must be loaded on the computer to be able to tether.  But since the tether was to be our internet connection, how could we download iTunes?  Problem solved; we went to the local Starbucks and sipped "Chai Tea Lattes" while downloading on their free wi-fi.  Are we "Big City" or what!  I don't know what a "Chai Tea Latte" is, but it was a cold evening and it tasted pretty good.  If this sounds sissy, then nevermind, we had was a strong cup of joe, with nails in it for flavor.

 We are in Texas City, Texas where, since our retirement from Celanese, our new job has brought us.  It is not so far away that we feel isolated from the family.  Jenny and Keith and nephew #1, are just an hour away. Number 5, Jerm and Amiee, about 2 hours and about 4 hours home to everyone else.

Here are some pictures from our apartment.

  A view out the front door.

Our door is in front of the light pole.

We feel that we are on an extended vacation and have been exploring our area when we can.  We get advise on eating places from the guys at work, or as Beth calls them "My Peeps".  All their recommendations have been really good and I think that if we ate at a different restaurant every night, we would never repeat for several years.