Monday, June 21, 2010


We went to Woodboro saturday to celebrate Father's day and Meme's birthday with her family.  Pawpaw is staying there for a few days to recuperate from his hospital stay.  All the kids and grandkids were able to attend.  Beth's sister Mary and husband Kenneth have a really nice place just outside of town and they hosted a fish fry. Many of Kenneth's family also attended . Let me tell you ... they could write a cookbook!.  Beth's brother Bill and his granddaughter Skylar were there also.  Skylar likes to take pictures so some of the images posted here are her's.  She is a good photographer. 

 Of course, it is summer and what is a summer day without swimming! The pools came out and were popular with the grandkids and some of the animals.

Pawpaw watching the spectacle.

#2 a budding Marine Biologist with hiscollection of whales and sharks.

#1 Her beautiful brown eyes and hair remind me of Meme

#4 She can't help it, the sweetness just overflows and melts Pappy's heart.

#3 Close encounter with local wildlife ended in dog kisses!

#5 His smile takes over his whole face.

All five together for summer fun!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Opening Day at the "Resort"

We got the pools out for the first time this summer and had a pool party. The area in our backyard has been dubbed "The Resort" when we set up the pools. We have two pools, one shallow and one deep, in which the herd moves back and forth, causing quite a commotion but with a lot of fun. The only one missing was #5, hopefully he will be able to join the herd before the summer is out. Here are some pictures from the opening day.